From the fertile imagination of writers Peter Fenton and Scott White comes ...

The Giant's Garden

Giant catches Oscar

Deep in The Deep Dark Forest, hidden beyond The Stream of Sorrows and Sinking Spirits lies The Giant's Garden – a place forbidden to outsiders. But when Giant goes away, the children sneak in to play, and for seven years their idyllic world has been undisturbed ... until today.

Today Giant is coming home. Today, a young boy's courage is going to be tested. And today a battle will take place which could lead to a world devoid of warmth.

The Giant's Garden is a tale of bravery, the importance of friendship, and the power of love, featuring a cast of 15 colourful characters, a score filled with memorable songs and a story that will warm the hearts of children and adults alike.



The Kincardine Theatre Guild's production of "The Giant's Garden - A Musical of Epic Proportion," is delightful, poignant and a definite hit with audiences ...a powerful ending which drew a standing ovation ... from the amazing opening scene, right to the very last note, it is a wonderful, magical, emotional, magnificent show. – Liz Dadson, The Kincardine Record, November 21, 2017

... the standout musical of the Fringe this year. I feel that its content and execution were so successful that it is certainly destined for greater things. – Jenna Rocca, Jenna Rocca Blog, July 22, 2011

NOW Magazine Fringe Wrap-Up names The Giant's Garden as Outstanding Production with Oustanding performance nods for Michael MacLennan, Laura Caswell and Paula Wolfson – Jon Kaplan and Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine, July 20, 2011

“Nintety minute long family musicals are not usually popular fare among the Fringe masses, but The Giant's Garden had a Toy Story-like appeal to both younger and older audiences. The story, based on an Oscar Wilde fairy tale, and the cast were both uniformly charming, but the odd couple of Bird (Jeff Schissler) and Flower (Dale Miller) was particularly heartwarming. Their friendship was the stuff of legend, Bird being the persistently upbeat go-getter, Flower the endearingly vain and sassy counterpart. Their banter may have appeared superficial at first in the utopia of the Giant's garden, but thrown out in the face of perpetual winter, they proved to have each others' backs (wings? stems?) despite being from completely different worlds. Should they fly south? Should they find warmth and take root? Should they split up? In the end, we wished we had a friendship that no external forces could tear apart, be it a spiteful Winter or flora/fauna conflicts. And one we could celebrate with a catchy tune to boot.” – Carly Maga , The Torontoist, July 19, 2011

“ DELIGHTFUL FAMILY MUSICAL ... FOUR STARS **** ” – Donna G, The More The Merrier CIUT Radio, July 13, 2011

“This highly engaging 90-minute musical brings together all the best elements of the genre, with production values beyond many Fringe musicals and delightful technicolour costumes. Although it's a children's show on many levels, adults will enjoy the wry humour and catchy songs. NNNN ” – Debbie Fein-Goldbach , NOW Magazine, July 10, 2011

“If you're looking for something family friendly this Fringe, then you can't go wrong with this play. It's an enchanting show that creates the perfect escape for everyone.” – Sonia Borkar, Mooney on Theatre, July 7, 2011

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